About Us

Founded in 2022, LITO is a forward-thinking printmaking company on a mission to widen access to art through new, pioneering technologies.
Based in Bregenz, Austria, LITO and the LITO Technology Lab have developed state-of-the-art and patented technology to create prints with extreme precision and of unparalleled quality. Using its Hi-Rnd© proprietary technology, LITO collaborates with leading contemporary artists and prints textures, colours and certain effects on paintings, such as reliefs and brushstrokes at multiple scales, to create and recreate original artworks.
LITO Masters, aims to support leading museums and institutions around the world by providing a new tool for research and the conservation of masterpieces, whilst allowing art lovers to live with their dream masterpiece.


The number of limited editions printed depends on the license agreement with the artist or the institutions with whom the agreement is made. The quantity is always announced upon each collaboration and made public on the website.

Every LITO limited edition is identical to its original, however remains a unique work of art in its own right. Its value may vary depending on the original but also on the artist.

LITO uses premium quality materials that do not alter in time to create its limited editions. Each and every LITO component is sourced to last.

LITO frames are considered to be part of the artwork and inherently add value to each limited edition. As such, frames are chosen by the artists themselves, or in collaboration with the rights-holder.

Each and every LITO comes with a certificate of authenticity. Also, LITO is either stamped or certified by museum or artists making it virtually impossible to imitate or replicate.

Yes. LITO HI-RND© technology builds on 20 years of research & development. LITO holds worldwide commercial exclusivity on this state-of-the-art proprietary technology that is used by leading art institutions and museums.

LITO may exhibit punctually in the event of its collaborations with artists and/or museums and is frequently present at major art and tech fairs worldwide.